General summary of the number of entities in time series

This function displays the number of entities in a time series according to user-selected criteria. The numbers of entities always relate to the last day of the selected time period (month, quarter, half-year, year). The number includes only those entities active as of the selected date.
Time series can be created for 01 January 2009 onwards.
Display settings:
Procedure for creating a time series of the number of entities
A more detailed structure of the number of entities in selected categories can be obtained by clicking on "accept" in the "Hierarchy" field. This option will display the number of entities in a pre-defined hierarchy (usually sorted by capital origin - Czech and foreign - or by type, for example in the case of funds).

The time step parameter determines the range of time periods which will be offered for selection in the next step and for which the number of entities in the resulting time series will be displayed.

The resulting set report the number of entities meeting the selected criteria as of the given date in the time series. Click on the number of entities to display the list of these entities in a new window.