Regulated institutions and registered financial market entities predefined lists

The basic lists are a set of all predefined up-to-date lists of regulated and registered entities the Czech National Bank is obliged to publish. The lists have the same uniform structure enabling unique identification of the entity (identification number, first name and last name, address and the date since the entity is authorised to carry on its activities). The lists always include active entities only to the date selected. By clicking either on the entity name or first name / last name for a natural person detailed information in the form of an identity file is displayed.
Display settings:
Selection procedure:
The date parameter determines the date as of which the list of entities will be displayed. This date cannot be prior to 01 January 2009. The current date is set as the default.

After a selection criteria have been specified, clicking the Next Step brings up a window containing an overview of all available lists. By selecting and clicking on the entity type the user can view the relevant list showing all entities active as of the selected date.

Lists which contain a large number of entities (insurance intermediaries, tied agents, investment intermediaries) are sorted in alphabetical order and can be navigated not only by pages, but also by entity name or surname in alphabetical order. However, it is impractical to search for a specific entity in these large lists and we recommend using the direct search function in these cases. The response time may be longer for these large lists.