Search by Institution or Individual Person's Name

The direct search facility enables to look up whether the entity is included in the database of regulated and registered entities by running a query using selected criteria. Essentially, this method is convenient if the user is uncertain both whether an entity offering particular services is authorised to do so and possess a required permit as well.
Search by Institution or Individual Person's Name
Procedure for direct search:
At least one of the following identification fields must be entered.
  • company identification number (must be entered exactly, not only part of the number), or registration number for insurance intermediaries and independent loss adjusters;
  • name of entity for legal entities (the whole name or only a part thereof can be entered);
  • First name or last name for natural persons (including diacritics);
  • name of town of registered office or address.

The date parameter determines the date as of which the entities meeting the selected criteria will be displayed. This date cannot be prior to 01 January 2009. The current date is set as the default.

When the relevant parameters are entered, a list of all entities fulfilling the search criteria is created. The size of the list depends directly on how exact the specification is. The more exact the identification, the narrower the list of entities selected. Selecting by town of registered office or address, if not combined with another search criterion, may give a large number of entities due to the vast size of the database of regulated and registered entities. The user can choose from the list the entity he or she wants to display or return to the dialogue box and refine the search in order to obtain a narrower list. Details on the selected entities can be found in the identity file displayed after clicking on the name from the list of entities conforming to the search criteria.